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Why an Expert Engineering Recruiter switched to Infusionsoft


Hello and good day!

In this Video your Expert Engineering Recruiter will discuss:

1)    What systems we have used before Infusionsoft: (Bond/Adapt, ProSearch, Cluen, Resumix, and Maximizer to name a few)

2)    Why we switched to infusionsoft: Free Trial

(CXO/Team commitment to small business and “Leverage” list utilizing automation technology)

3)    What were the results of switching to Infusionsoft:

(Last 30 days 54k in revenue using their CRM/Automation system)

infusionsoft logo[1]

I made the switch, so please join me by signing up for a free trial at

Yours in Expert Engineering Recruitment,


Yours truly named, "INFUSIONSOFT’S BIGGEST FAN" (Runner-Up)


Hello and Happy Friday!


I wanted to share a "shameless plug", regarding a contest I recently won with my CRM provider INFUSIONSOFT, and share the Video which I ultimately recieved the runner-up award! Flip MinoHD

Until we speak again, you refer your engineering friends in need, or you take a peek at Infusionsoft Free Trial enJOY your days!

Your Recruiter,



Medical Device Recruiter Book Testimonial, "CONQUER THE CHAOS"

 video reviews the book "Conquer the Chaos" Book Testimonial by Founders of CLATE MASK and SCOTT MARTINEAU, How to grow SMB “without going crazy”...

infusionsoft email marketing 2.0[1]

Clate and Scott , this book is a “GIFT from GOD!” and if you are in the midst of CHOAS in your business OR you are looking to start a business? This is a MUST READ!

Best, Brian

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